Healthy burgers. Healthy fast food.

Delicious All American Food. Without the Guilt.

EVOS Airbakes™ – instead of deep-frying. We select naturally raised beef, natural poultry, and wild caught Alaskan salmon.
Milkshakes? Organic milk and sugar. Fruitshakes? Real fruit and fruit juices.

Simple, natural, delicious.

Nutri Bowls-EVOS

Nutri Bowls

Super nutritious & crave-a-bowl meals. For life. On the go.

Hand Tossed Salads

Hand tossed with dressing to order & made with fresh, locally grown produce whenever available.
Homemade EVOS Yummy Shakes


Our milkshakes are homemade, natural, organic, and lower in fat & sugar.

Healthy Kids

For Healthy Kids menu for kids 12 & under.

Feel Great Burgers

EVOS original cheeseburgers. Delicious & natural Ingredients layered on our very own organic bun.
EVOS Gourmet Wraps

Great Gourmet Wraps

Gourmet fresh & healthy ingredients inside a natural wrap.
Guilt Free Snacks-EVOS


Craveable All-American favorites healthfully recreated.
EVOS Healthy Catering


If you love EVOS, they will too! Spread the health. With a healthier spread.
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EVOS 100% Taste Guarantee.

Like our food, our guarantee is simple. If you don’t like it, we’ll make you something else, or your money back. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


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