What makes us different?  Airbaking instead of deep frying!
60% less fat & calories (100% full of flavor).

Enjoy the foods you love – less grease, less guilt. Made naturally with quality, organic, & fair trade ingredients.

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What is Feel Great Food?
Food that Gives Back.
Yummy Food
Yummy Food
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Love Eating Healthier?
EVOS is less grease, less guilt.
Your Nutrition
Your Nutrition
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When Does Less Equal More?
Enjoy More with 60% Less Fat & Calories
Sustainability. Since 1994.
You Bleed Green Like Us?
Sustainability. Since 1994
EVOS Buzz | Media Press Kit, Images
  • “Forget the fat! Fast food doesn’t need to be bad for you-just ask these three innovators.”

    - Southern Living
  • “A fast-food place that didn’t make you feel sick after you ate.”

    - USA Today
  • “Eating healthy isn’t easy…but we’ve found an alternative for you in Tampa Bay.”  

    - FOX
  • “ Eat good while eating fast food !”

    - CBS News
  • “Fast food is junk and this place isn’t.”

    The St. Petersburg Times (Tampa Bay Times)

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