EVOS Healthy Restaurant Roots

Passionate about making a difference. Since 1994.

There are a lot of food options out there. But none as unique as EVOS. EVOS is delicious All American food.  But without the guilt and regret. Because EVOS Airbakes instead of deep-frying. Sealing in flavor without the excess fat & calories.

We select only humanely and naturally raised beef and chicken because we know you’ll taste the difference.

We make our food with the good stuff, not cheap ingredients. Our milkshakes? Organic milk and sugar. Simple, natural, delicious. Our fruitshakes? Real fruit and real fruit juices. Again, simple, natural, delicious.

It’s not just great food we are committed to, but being great people too. Our packaging is made with sustainable materials. Even our gift cards are made with recycled credit cards.

And you can find all this goodness packed under a roof that has been made with sustainable building materials and running in part on renewable energy sources.

Great tasting food.  While making a world of difference!  Since 1994.

How we got here

So we were driving around in our beat up 1988 Oldsmobile, looking for something to eat. But not just anything. We wanted the All American meal – burger, fries and a shake – and without the side order of guilt.

After driving what seemed like 400 miles, EVOS was born.

We decided to create a place where family and friends could enjoy a great tasting All-American meal made with healthier ingredients and cooked without grease.

A place where you could feel great about yourself and the world around you. A place that promised to have fun, not take itself too seriously, and really give back to the community.

That place?  We call it EVOS.

We hope you enjoy the food as much as we do.

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