Earth Day - EVOS Feel Great Food

Earth Day. Every Day. Since 1994.

EVOS has always made a commitment to clean energy.  We offset 100% of our restaurant energy usage with renewable wind energy. Each Store alone has the environmental impact of planting 52 acres of trees every year!

We cook with 100% pure air vs. oils. No dirty grease for you. No wasting energy, recycling it.

We support sustainable farming by using Organic ingredients whenever possible.

We purchase Fair Trade Certified products, which guarantee a better deal for third world producers.

We use recycled based cups and bags, including 100% recycled gift cards, and recycle cardboard content from our kitchens.

We print guest materials on recycled paper with soy based versus petroleum based inks whenever possible.

We utilize sustainable materials in the building of our stores. Examples include: Eco-friendly zero VOC paints and adhesives; recycled wood panes made of pressed sorghum plant stalks; Energy Star qualified commercial equipment, lighting and automatic light switches with turn off when not being used.

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