Healthy burgers. Healthy fast food.

Guilt Free Snacks

Craveable, All-American favorites. Healthfully recreated.

NEW All-American Hot Dog

All natural all beef hot dog, nitrite/nitrate-free, organic bun, yellow mustard & ketchup

*Monterey Dog

Same healthier dog and organic bun, but with fresh hass avocado, tomato, onion, spicy chipotle crema

Good Bad Dog

Same healthier dog and organic bun, but with natural/hormone/antibiotic/nitrate-free bacon, aged cheddar, sweet tangy bbq

Vegan Corn Dog

Our signature Airbaked™ vegan corn dog, low-fat, cholesterol-free VN

*Airbaked™ Chicken Strips

100% breast meat, hormone-free, Airbaked™ not deep-fried. Half the fat of regular strips
Available as: 3pc, 4pc, 5pc

*EVOS Famous Airfries™

EVOS Famous Airfries™  VG/VN
EVOS Sweet Potato Airfries™  VG/VN
Enjoy them with our Ketchup Karma! The original guilt-free fries, Airbaked™ not deep-fried, half the fat of regular fries.♥

Organic Soups

Choose from our selection of delicious organic soups
Add Bacon
Natural, Hormone, antibiotic, nitrate free
Add Cheese
Natural Aged Cheddar or
Vegan Smoked Gouda
Add Avocado 
Fresh Hass Avocado
* EVOS Original Favorites | VG Vegetarian Option | VN Vegan Option | GF Gluten Free Option Available

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