Healthy burgers. Healthy fast food.

Yummy, Homemade Shakes

Our milkshakes are made using Organic milk, and lower in fat & sugar.


Homemade ice cream using low-fat organic milk & vanilla VG


Homemade ice cream using low-fat organic milk & european roast VG.


Homemade ice cream using low-fat organic milk & chocolate VG.

Our Fruitshakes are made with real fresh cut fruit & HFCS Free natural juices

Strawberry Banana

Fresh banana and natural strawberry juice VG/VN

*Mango Passion

Fresh mango and natural mango-passion juice VG/VN


Iced Tea Heaven (20 oz)
Fountain Drinks (20 oz)
Organic Sodas
Bottled Water
* EVOS Original Favorites | VG Vegetarian Option | VN Vegan Option | GF Gluten Free Option Available

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